Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Active Little Prince

Dear Ever,

It hasn't been a secret that you are such an active little baby, but I guess its been our secret as to how much.

Jedrek and I visited our Midwife today after returning from our last "2 people in the family" adventure to find out that Ever might be breeched. This was not the best news since I am now full-term and a breech baby means no home birth. Our little man, the acrobat. I have to be honest and tell you my mommy instincts kicked in and I kinda had a feeling everything was going to be alright. A few days later we took a quick road trip up to Paradise for a Ultrasound to find out if this is indeed true. Good News!! He IS head down, but a little shy. One of his cute paws has been in front of his face making it slightly difficult to feel his head. Check out the pics below for all the details. BTW, he has no problem showing off his "boy" parts. Is this a little bit of insight to how our little Ever will be? Are you falling in love with him more and more like I am?

OH and p.s.....Paula our amazing midwife has mentioned numerous times that she is not surprised Ever is such a tumbler being that his folks are also people who can't sit still and are constantly on the move. I take that as a total compliment and know we are just an adventurous family. There is already a running list of all the places I want to experience with our family of 3.

xo melissa

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