Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Active Little Prince

Dear Ever,

It hasn't been a secret that you are such an active little baby, but I guess its been our secret as to how much.

Jedrek and I visited our Midwife today after returning from our last "2 people in the family" adventure to find out that Ever might be breeched. This was not the best news since I am now full-term and a breech baby means no home birth. Our little man, the acrobat. I have to be honest and tell you my mommy instincts kicked in and I kinda had a feeling everything was going to be alright. A few days later we took a quick road trip up to Paradise for a Ultrasound to find out if this is indeed true. Good News!! He IS head down, but a little shy. One of his cute paws has been in front of his face making it slightly difficult to feel his head. Check out the pics below for all the details. BTW, he has no problem showing off his "boy" parts. Is this a little bit of insight to how our little Ever will be? Are you falling in love with him more and more like I am?

OH and p.s.....Paula our amazing midwife has mentioned numerous times that she is not surprised Ever is such a tumbler being that his folks are also people who can't sit still and are constantly on the move. I take that as a total compliment and know we are just an adventurous family. There is already a running list of all the places I want to experience with our family of 3.

xo melissa

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Birth, Heart, Love, Place called Tahoe

The other night Mel and I were at our birthing class and we were asked to close our eyes and think of a magical place that we would want to be. The funny thing is that we were asked to do so to take our minds off of the fact that we were clenching ice cubes in our hands. I immediately went to Tahoe. Standing on the top of the half pipe, then dropping in, listening to the wind and that dead silence of snow. I chuckled because I'm holding Ice and I went to the snow. When we opened our eyes I asked Melissa where she went. "Tahoe" she said, on the beach. Just goes to show.. it's a magical place.

Monday, July 26, 2010

How to start....

I know, I know.....why has this taken so long to get going? Well to be honest I just didnt know how to start. I mean, SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED in the last months and I guess I was just too focused on figuring out how to cover ALL of it (which I understand now is a little daunting). So lets just jump right in and get this blog up and running.

Jedrek and I just moved into an amazing house located much closer to downtown and right around the corner from family. Although it has taken us a lot longer than expected to get settled in, we are super excited to make this house our home.
Check out the pics of our new casa. And please excuse the mess!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A trip to Mt. Lassen

One great thing about living in Northern California is being able to explore all the places that I once went as a kid. This weekend, Jedrek, bruce and I were able to take a day trip to Lassen, a place I only remember from a picture I have of my mom, brother and I. It was a beautiful drive up, passing many potential camping spots and flowing waterfalls. When we arrived to the mountain, we both could not believe the amount of snow that was still there! I am talking about banks about 5 feet above our car - it was crazy. You were only able to drive about 500 feet into the park to check out a few of the geyser that are simmering away. We took the opportunity to stretch our legs and smell some sulphur.

On our way back home, we stopped in Red Bluff for burgers at Buds Jolly Cone and a little antique shopping. We totally lucked out and a box full of camera stuff for just 20 bucks! It sounds like the lady just wanted to get rid of it, but we scored a super 8 camera, projector, an old point-and-shoot, and all these lighting kits from the 50's - ps everything was in mint condition. Check out this happy customer..