Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Here in LA

I love this city. I really do. The weather has been AMAZING!! We arrived last Wednesday, and here we are a week later. Time flew by! Its been so nice to visit with friends, go out to dinners and brunches and enjoy this place until....

Poor Ever got his first bug and had a mild fever for 2 days. We visited Dr. Fleiss (who was so sweet) because well I am paranoid. He just said to watch the little nugget, make sure he stays hydrated and give him some baby tylenol if he needs it. For two nights straight he was woken up screaming. In that moment, you feel so helpless. Its kinda scary. Jedrek and I just look at each other and go through all the steps. Diaper wet? Nope. Hot? Nope. Hungry? Nope. I guess its time to just hold the little boy close and sway. Its so nice having Jedrek there in those moments. He rubs my back to let me know he is there when I am trying to calm our little one. I am so grateful for having him as my partner and Ever's father. He really knows just what to do.

P.S. I am still enjoying this place.

Ever gets to meet him Uncle, Aunt, Great-Grandmother and Great-Aunt and Uncle for the first time on Friday! I am so excited to see them all and introduce them to the new family addition.

Wish us luck tonight!!

xo melissa

Happy Baby in the Morning

Aunt Laura meeting Ever at Brunch

Sleepy Nugget

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