Monday, March 7, 2011


The Speer family has been traveling a lot lately! We just went to LA for most of February, then we headed up to Tahoe to spend the weekend in the snow to celebrate Jedreks Birthday. Ever is becoming quiet accustomed to how we like to roll...minus the sleeping. He becomes all out of wake when we travel. Wakes up anywhere from 2-6 times a night which makes for one tired mama. But I am ok with it because I know it wont be like this forever. In fact I have decided to put all those sleep training books away and just take each day as it comes. Again, I know he wont be a little baby forever so I am enjoying these moments with him in our bed.

Some new things 4 1/2 month old Ever has done...
He rolled from his belly to his back while we were in LA...but has yet to do it again. He has started to laugh more and more. His Dad can really get him going. Ever LOVES looking at his buddy in the mirror. After I changed his diaper, I flip him around to check himself out in the mirror and he just smiles away at his reflection. He has started to reach out for things with his right hand. This is a new thing that started in the last few days. I have giving him little teenie tiny bites of sweet potato and home made apple sauce and he has looooved it! Will still wait till he around 6 months to really begin introducing him to food, but I couldn't resist when he was just starring at me eating these few items in front of him.

Speaking of Ever...he is crying right now and so over being in his swing so I must go. Mama to the rescue.

xo melissa

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