Monday, March 14, 2011

Can you believe it?!

Yup...We are traveling again. Up to Tahoe for a little visit and to take care of the small farm (3 dogs and 2 cats + Bruce) at Uncle Bri Bri's. The animals have not done too much damange...yet.

Only eaten:
- 1 of Ever's bottles
- Pre-natal vitamins
- ALL of Bruce's food. Hope they don't mind sharing theirs!
- 2 picture albums

Ever has done great so far and got to meet a new friend, Austin.
Austin & Ever

Time is flying by so quick. Can't believe he is already going to be 5 MONTHS next week?!?! Cray Cray! He is showing interest in food more and more. Reaching for bites of ours while sitting in our lap.

Special shout out to Ever's Great-Grandparents who are being snow birds and enjoying the sun in Palm Springs! Wish we could have seen you guys while we are up in the snow =( For now, you will have to enjoy these pictures instead.


Ever and papa


and here is a little song for your Monday morning:

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