Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Starting Solids

Ever is about 5 1/2 now so we have decide to introduce some solids into his diet. I mean, they are no where near solids, more like pureed goodness but you get the idea. First thing on his ever growing menu will be sweet potato's! Homemade in fact with some fresh sweet potato's from Saturday's Farmers Market. I am using the Beabe Baby Food maker and it couldn't be easier. Peel, chop, some water and this puppy steams and blends in one container. LOVE IT! Thanks Mom for the gift =).

Speaking of loving it Ever LOVES sweet potato!!


The little man is such a good eater! We are pretty new so this whole solids thing and I feel like we are entering into another chapter that I have not done a lot of research on. What do I feed him next?

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